Our staff

Te Kura employs more than 900 people across the country, including around 500 kaiako (teachers), 250 specialist and support kaimahi (staff), including kaiāwhina (ākonga mentors), student support advisors and those in school support functions. 

In 2008, we set up tari (offices) and huinga ako (learning advisories) around New Zealand with the aim of strengthening connections with students, their whānau and their local communities. Increasing the number of staff working around the country has enabled us to provide more personalised and face-to-face support.

Regional teams and huinga ako (learning advisories)

Our learning advisors and teachers are grouped into five regional teams – Northern, Central North, Central South, Southern (all of the South Island) and Overseas/Early Childhood.

Te Kura’s largest office is in Thorndon, Wellington. We have regional offices in Auckland, Christchurch and Hamilton. There are also in-region offices in locations such as Whangarei, Tauranga, Palmerston North, Hastings and Nelson, which support local activity and connections in students’ communities.

Staff structure

Our regional offices provide a base for the region’s teachers. Regional staff include regional managers and relationship coordinators who work with community and government agencies, schools and alternative education providers to coordinate regional initiatives to boost student engagement and achievement. Our liaison teachers work directly with students and families to provide extra support where required.

Te Kura staff are led by a senior leadership team.


Te Kura is organised into four wāhanga:

Learning Delivery

Five regional teaching teams and youth transitions team.


Curriculum, assessment and qualifications and creative services.

Systems and Support

Student and whānau support, human resources, finance and information technology.

Chief Executive’s Office

Communications, organisational performance, planning and reporting, and support for the Board of Trustees.