Learn With Te Kura

Flexible learning

We’re one of a kind. In fact, there is no other school like us in New Zealand.

Te Kura is unique in that our kura doesn’t have four walls. Learning with us is flexible, helps grow independence, and offers a mix of online, face-to-face, and community-based activities. It’s a ‘one size fits one’ model where ākonga are the designers of their own learning journey.

We offer a wide range of personalised learning programmes and courses, from Early Childhood to NCEA Level 3, mostly delivered online. Ākonga of all ages are welcome, as long as they meet our eligibility criteria.

Our online learning environment, face-to-face and virtual opportunities to meet, and the support of kaiako and kaimanaaki, all work together to provide a structure that allows ākonga to tailor a learning programme that fits their needs and allows them to learn their way.

Ki te tī ki te tā, ki te katoa (Anytime, anywhere, anyone)

Te Ara Pounamu

Te Kura’s local curriculum is known as Te Ara Pounamu. Te Ara Pounamu reflects the philosophy of Big Picture Learning.

Our local curriculum works alongside national curricula, including Te Whāriki (The Early Childhood Curriculum), the New Zealand Curriculum, and Te Marautanga o Aotearoa. From 2024 we will offer the refreshed learning areas of Te Mātaiaho (The Refreshed New Zealand Curriculum), as they are published.

Te Ara Pounamu positions ākonga at the centre of learning that is engaging, that responds to their interests and passions, and that is authentic and relevant to them. This opens up connections to learning in the world around us and illuminates future pathways.

A focus on transferable learning

Te Ara Pounamu emphasises learning about ten global knowledge concepts through a range of opportunities. These are transferable concepts such as identity, diversity, leadership, connection, sustainability and citizenship.

We also focus on ways of thinking and being to prepare ākonga to successfully navigate an ever-changing world. These are:

‘Be a learner’ involves teaching and learning to strengthen dispositions which support lifelong learning – dispositions such as being caring, curious, creative and innovative, agentic and resilient. We know that supporting ākonga to understand themselves as learners is fundamental to engagement, progress and success.

Weaving learning into a plan that works for you

Ara Ako (the pathway of learning)

Full-time and young adult ākonga personalise their learning plans by weaving in the five contexts of Ara Ako, depending on learning goals agreed with their kaimanaaki, kaiako and whānau. All five contexts bring a different and valuable flavour to learning.

A range of subject offerings to support existing and emerging interests and future pathways (available to all ākonga).

A range of integrated learning choices to support existing and emerging interests and future pathways (available to full-time and young adult ākonga).

A range of project-based learning choices, including interest projects, social action projects, design thinking projects and Big Picture projects (available to full-time ākonga).

Regular face-to-face and virtual opportunities for connection and collaboration with kaimanaaki and other ākonga, to share, develop and reflect on their learning (available to full-time ākonga).

Engagement and connection with learning opportunities in the community, such as work exploration, shadowing, internships, STAR courses, camps, trips and events, and future pathways discussions (available to full-time ākonga).