Special Education / Learning Support

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Learning Support

Some students studying within Te Kura have additional learning needs and require adaptation and/or differentiation of the New Zealand curriculum at every level, and/or for specific learning areas where they may be more than two years below expectations. There are a range of online modules and programmes, and print-based material that teachers can choose from to match the strengths and needs, interests and context of the learner, including some specifically designed for learning support and special education needs. We aim to meet learners’ long and short-term goals. Early childhood students with special education needs are enrolled and taught by our Early Childhood Service.

Full-time special education students in Years 1–10 continue to have access to a print-based programme and online modules. Full time and dual students can also be enrolled in the regular learning area courses, depending on their strengths and needs.

Dual-enrolled Years 1–8 special education students can select the following courses: SEENG; SEMAS; SETOP under the Learning Support Needs gateway. Dual-enrolled Years 1–8 students can select the following courses if it suits their individual needs: PRENG, PRMAS, PRTOP.

Special Education

The courses offered under Special Education vary in Curriculum Levels. They ensure coverage of seven learning areas, as well as two life skill courses and are open to all students in the compulsory education years and to adults.

Courses in Special Education / Learning Support