TM9000 - Tourism Māori - NCEA Level 3

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What is Kaupapa Māori?

Kaupapa Māori is a learning area rich in Te Ao Māori skills, knowledge and topics. There is a wide variety of kaupapa to explore and engage in, and ample opportunity to connect learning from a Māori context to other subjects offered at Te Kura.

Kaupapa Māori offers eleven main subjects as listed below, and the opportunity to explore more than 80 kaupapa within those subjects.

Learning can be tailored to suit ākonga at all levels of the curriculum, from primary and intermediate to NCEA Levels 1–3.

Ākonga are supported by kaiako, kaimanaaki, whānau and hapori to select pathways of learning relevant to their aspirations, career pathway or interests and passions. Ākonga are encouraged to link with their local area experts, online communities and whānau who have skills and experience to guide them through these learning kaupapa.

For many ākonga, including young adult and adult learners, there are no fees for Kaupapa Māori courses. Please see our Fees page for further information.

What this course involves

Tourism Māori offers the possibility of discovering more about the natural and man-made attractions around you. It explores the concepts of whānau, tikanga, language, whakapapa and much more. In this subfield you have the opportunity to understand place names and the significance they hold for Māori. You can investigate how Māori identity is important for Tourism. As you learn about the rich experiences tourism creates, you will develop your understanding of tikanga and the world around you.

Delivery Modes

Recommended prior learning

No prior learning needed but, interest, passion and determination are desirable.

National qualifications available in this course

Standard Description Version Credits Assessment L1 Lit/Num UE Lit/Num Vocational Pathways
17385 Discuss and compare cultural practices in tourism and the impact of tourism on Māori 7 5 Internal
17391 Demonstrate knowledge of key forms of Māori communication, and the significance of Māori identity in tourism Māori 8 5 Internal
17578 Explain the value and benefits of whānau in tourism Māori 9 4 Internal
17791 Explain kaitiaki practices in a tourism Māori context 8 5 Internal
31070 Explain the importance of Māori place names, and use reo Māori greetings and farewells in tourism 3 4 Internal
31071 Identify and explain the cultural significance of natural and man-made attractions in tourism Māori 3 6 Internal