DVC000 - Design and Visual Communication

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What is Design and Visual Communication?

Design and Visual Communication, also known as Graphics, is for students interested in design and drawing. Students develop visual communication skills and design thinking to explore and solve design problems. Students develop skills in sketching, rendering, drawing and modelling to explore, communicate and present their ideas. In some topics, students are able to have models of their design work 3D printed by Te Kura. Students are encouraged to generate creative and innovative solutions to solve design problems that are set in authentic contexts, and can be customised to suit their interests.

What this course involves

This introductory course will appeal to any student who enjoys sketching and is interested in the challenge of solving design problems. Students learn design and drawing techniques, which enables them to design everyday objects and present them visually, including having a model 3D printed. Students will include influences from their cultural and physical contexts in their design projects. Topics include product and spatial design, sketching, rendering, modelling and instrumental drawing.

Delivery Modes

Recommended prior learning

No prior learning needed.