KH9000 - Māori Performing Arts - NCEA Levels 1–3

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What is Kaupapa Māori?

Kaupapa Māori is a learning area rich in Te Ao Māori skills, knowledge and topics. There is a wide variety of kaupapa to explore and engage in, and ample opportunity to connect learning from a Māori context to other subjects offered at Te Kura.

Kaupapa Māori offers eleven main subjects as listed below, and the opportunity to explore more than 80 kaupapa within those subjects.

Learning can be tailored to suit ākonga at all levels of the curriculum, from primary and intermediate to NCEA Levels 1–3.

Ākonga are supported by kaiako, kaimanaaki, whānau and hapori to select pathways of learning relevant to their aspirations, career pathway or interests and passions. Ākonga are encouraged to link with their local area experts, online communities and whānau who have skills and experience to guide them through these learning kaupapa.

For many ākonga, including young adult and adult learners, there are no fees for Kaupapa Māori courses. Please see our Fees page for further information.

What this course involves

Māori Performing Arts is where identity and culture is shared through the creation and performance of waiata, dance and movement. In this sub field you will explore how to perform moteatea, waiata-a-ringa, haka and poi. You will have the chance to create and perform waiata and movement sequences. Māori Performing Arts investigates haka wahine and tane, as well as exploring how and why certain performances are done.

Delivery Modes

Recommended prior learning

No prior learning needed but, interest, passion and determination are desirable.

National qualifications available in this course

Standard Description Version Credits Assessment L1 Lit/Num UE Lit/Num Vocational Pathways
13359 Demonstrate knowledge and skills of mōteatea 10 6 Internal
13363 Demonstrate knowledge and skills of waiata ā-ringa 9 6 Internal
13367 Demonstrate knowledge and skills of poi 10 10 Internal
13371 Demonstrate knowledge and skills of haka 10 6 Internal
15019 Demonstrate knowledge and skills of whakaraka 8 6 Internal
15020 Perform whakaraka 7 6 Internal
18715 Demonstrate knowledge of the development of new Māori music 5 6 Internal
22752 Demonstrate knowledge and skills of performance components 7 3 Internal
22753 Demonstrate knowledge of people associated with kapa haka 7 4 Internal
22754 Demonstrate knowledge of the origins of Māori performing arts disciplines and events 6 4 Internal
22755 Demonstrate knowledge of Māori performing arts kākahu 6 3 Internal
22756 Perform a Māori performing arts bracket 8 10 Internal
22757 Demonstrate knowledge of influencing factors in the historical development of Māori performing arts 6 6 Internal
22759 Demonstrate new Māori dance 4 6 Internal
22761 Choreograph and present new Māori dance 3 15 Internal
27698 Demonstrate knowledge and skills of haka wahine 6 6 Internal
29564 Create a Māori Performing Arts sequence for a given brief 1 6 Internal
30428 Demonstrate knowledge of new Māori dance 1 4 Internal
31191 Demonstrate knowledge of new Māori music 1 4 Internal
31192 Demonstrate the essential skills of new Māori music 2 6 Internal
31193 Perform new Māori music compositions 1 8 Internal