Regional teams and huinga ako (learning advisories)

Our regionalised structure allows us to deliver education to our ākonga across New Zealand through our seven regions:

Te Kura’s largest office is in Thorndon, Wellington. Being located within communities means our kaimahi can work alongside ākonga and their whānau; they also work closely with local schools/kura, agencies and community groups which support learning. Each region contextualises their approach depending on the needs of their ākonga and whānau.

As a distance education provider, we ensure our ākonga have opportunities for a mixture of online and face-to-face learning. All of our learning modules are available online. Face-to-face group sessions - called huinga ako (learning advisories) - event days and tutorials offer opportunities for ākonga to connect with their kaimanaaki, kaiako and other ākonga in their area. These face-to-face opportunities help Te Kura ākonga develop their social, practical, and relationship-building skills within a local context.