Our ākonga (students)

Our ākonga come from across New Zealand and from all walks of life. Ākonga from 2 – 15 must meet certain enrolment criteria to enrol at Te Kura - see our enrolment section to find out what types of ākonga are able to enrol with us.

Young adult ākonga (16–19 years old) and adult ākonga can also study just one or several subjects with us. Te Kura is free for eligible ākonga aged 19 and under.

Some of our ākonga live a long way from the nearest school or are living or travelling overseas. A few are up-and-coming sportspeople or performers, whose training or rehearsal schedule doesn’t fit the daily routine of regular school attendance.

We also have a large number of dual-enrolled students who study just one or two courses with us and do most of their learning in a face-to-face school, regional health school, activity centre, teen parent unit or with an alternative education provider.

Young adult students (16–19 years old) and adult students can also study just one or several subjects with us.

Te Kura provides a wide range of high-quality learning programmes from early childhood to NCEA and University Entrance. Our ākonga receive a high level of personalised support from kaiako and kaiawhina (ākonga mentors) and through interactive online learning and by attending huinga ako (learning advisories) where they have face-to-face meetings with kaiako, kaiawhina and fellow ākonga.

Read more about our students and their achievements in our quarterly magazine, Te Whakahononga/Link Up.